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PLEASE RENEW OR JOIN THE IAS! All 2015 IAS memberships expired on 31 December of last year. Members who joined (or rejoined) between 1 September and 31 December 2015 or later will not need to renew their memberships until the end of 2016. Active membership is dependent on payment of annual dues. Members who are not current on their dues are considered to be lapsed, meaning that their member profile is on file but that all member privileges, including display on our List of Members, are suspended until renewal of dues. Annual dues for 2016 are $30.00 for regular members and $20.00 for students enrolled in college or graduate school. We also offer Patron memberships at $60.00 and Institutional/Benefactor memberships at $100.00. Dues may be paid on line with a PayPal account or credit card through http://italianartsociety.org/member-support/online-membership-renewal/, or by U.S. check payable to the Italian Art Society and mailed to  IAS treasurer Martha Dunkelman, 90 Riverside Dr. Apt. 16C, New York, NY 10024.

IAS/KRESS INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE TRAVEL GRANTS SCHOLARS ANNOUNCED. We are pleased to announce the awards to seven scholars for IAS/Kress International Conference Travel Grants. More information. The awards are available to IAS members of any nationality who hold a Ph.D. and who will undertake transoceanic travel to present a paper at any conference where the IAS is sponsoring a session. Applications are currently being accepted for the Sixteenth Century Society & Conference (Bruges, August 2016); deadline: 15 April 2016. More information.

IAS TRAVEL GRANTS FOR EMERGING SCHOLARS ANNOUNCED: We are pleased to announce the awards to two scholars for IAS Travel Grants for Emerging Scholars. More information.

IAS CONFERENCE GRANT FOR MODERN TOPICS: Up to $1000 will be available via the IAS Conference Travel Grant for Modern Topics to subsidize transoceanic travel to present in an IAS-sponsored session on the art or architecture of Italy from the early nineteenth century to the present. This grant has been established to fill the gap resulting from the IAS/Kress International Travel Grant’s restriction to fund topics up to the early nineteenth century only. More information. The next deadline for the IAS Conference Grant for Modern Topics is 15 February 2016.

SAMUEL H. KRESS GRADUATE ART HISTORY FELLOWSHIPS AT THE MEDICI ARCHIVE PROJECT IN FLORENCE. Thanks to the continued generous support of Samuel H. Kress Foundation, MAP is offering fellowships for graduate students to undertake specialized archival research on-site at the Archivio di Stato, utilizing the Mediceo del Principato archival collection, as well as other collections housed in Florence and across Italy. The Samuel H. Kress Graduate Art History Fellowships will provide graduate students with the opportunity to examine and study original source materials and to receive scholarly guidance from MAP Staff.  Two fellowships are available for 2016: A Spring/Summer Fellowship and a Fall/Winter Fellowship, each covering a period of no less than three months, with a stipend of $8,000 each. More information. Deadline 15 February 2016.

NEWSLETTER. The Fall 2015 Newsletter is now online. Due to the early date of the College Art Association meeting and pending IAS award announcements, the Winter Newsletter will be published by 15 February 2016. Submission deadline for the Spring 2016 Newsletter is 15 April 2016.

BECOME AN IAS MENTOR. The Emerging Scholars Committee (ESC) invites all mid-career and senior society members to share their expertise with our early-career members. All potential mentors and mentees should take our survey to start the process. Contact Sarah S. Wilkins, ESC Chair, with any questions.

GIORGIO MORANDI EXHIBITION AT THE CENTER FOR ITALIAN MODERN ART, NEW YORK. Through 25 June 2016, CIMA is displaying a unique exhibition of Italian artist Giorgio Morandi. CIMA is open exclusively for guided tours led by fellows in residence on Fridays and Saturdays; information at http://www.italianmodernart.org.

IAS CONFERENCES AT A GLANCE. Whether you are making travel plans or trying to decide where you would like to send an abstract, you can now see all IAS sponsored sessions in an easy to navigate chart on our Conferences at a Glance page.  Visit our Conferences & Lectures page for a listing of upcoming conferences on Italian topics.

WHAT’S NEW IN ITALIAN STUDIES? Visit our Member Publications page to see recent titles on Italian Art and Architecture. Have a new publication to share? Current members should send information about recent books and articles for inclusion on our Member Publications page. More information.

DISSERTATION LISTS. The College Art Association has published the authors and titles of doctoral dissertations in art history and visual studies—both completed and in progress—from American and Canadian institutions for calendar year 2013. The IAS lists recently completed and ongoing dissertations on Italian topics from all periods.  We encourage students and emerging scholars, and their advisors, to check our lists for accuracy and to submit updates for dissertations begun or completed in 2014 and 2015. More information.

WEBSITE UPDATES. Receive e-mail updates when new items are posted to our website.  To register, please click the Follow Button at the bottom right of this page. Any questions should be directed to the webmaster.

SUPPORT THE IAS: Tax-deductible, charitable contributions support the IAS annual operations, including travel grants and a lecture series. You can also support the IAS by starting your Amazon shopping through any of the links found on the site. All purchases begun from one of our website links returns at least 4% to the IAS at no extra cost to you. A simple and easy way to support IAS programming and grants. More information.

RESEARCH & RESOURCES PAGE. Our resources page contains information of use to our membership, including listings of research institutions in Italy, recent member publications, recently completed dissertations, and dissertations in progress. More information.

ASHGATE DISCOUNT. A 20% discount is available to all IAS members through the Ashgate partnership program. For discount code, please contact the webmaster.

IAS  BULLETIN BOARD SERVICE: An on-line bulletin board is available for your notices and postings, which should be sent to the webmaster.

IAS CALENDAR: The IAS maintains a calendar of IAS and related events and deadlines, found under About the IAS.

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