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STATEMENT ON THE ITALIAN EARTHQUAKES: At 3:36 a.m. on 24 August 2016, a 6.2 magnitude earthquake struck central Italy. With an epicenter in Umbria, 100 miles northeast of Rome, the violent tremors leveled communities including Amatrice, where recovery efforts are ongoing.  At least 250 deaths have been reported.  As damage continues to be assessed and death toll numbers rise, the Board, Executive Committee, and membership of the Italian Art Society send heartfelt condolences to the people of Italy. For information on how to help with donations, please see the Italian Red Cross page as well as the IASblog.

LIST YOUR RECENT PUBLICATIONS WITH THE IAS: We are in the process of changing our “Member Publications” page to a new format. We will be publishing lists compiling recent publications three times per year (in February, June, and September). Current members are encouraged to submit notices of books, articles, and essays published in 2015 or after to memberpubs@italianartsociety.org. More information.

PLEASE RENEW OR JOIN THE IAS! Annual dues for 2016 are $30.00 for regular members and $20.00 for students enrolled in college or graduate school. We also offer Patron memberships at $60.00 and Institutional/Benefactor memberships at $100.00. Dues may be paid on line with a PayPal account or credit card through http://italianartsociety.org/member-support/online-membership-renewal/, or by U.S. check payable to the Italian Art Society and mailed to IAS treasurer Martha Dunkelman, 90 Riverside Dr. Apt. 16C, New York, NY 10024.

CALL FOR APPLICATIONS FOR THE IAS/KRESS INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE TRAVEL GRANT: The Italian Art Society and the Samuel H. Kress Foundation support international travel for members to attend the 2017 CAA, RSA, SAH, and ICMS conferences. The next deadline is 20 September 2016 for the ICMS. More information.

IAS AWARD NEWS: An IAS Conference Travel Grant for Emerging Scholars has been awarded to Tenley Bick (doctoral candidate, UCLA) to support travel to the recent meeting of the American Association for Italian Studies (AAIS) in Baton Rouge, LA. IAS/Kress International Conference Travel Grants have been awarded to Alexis Culotta (American Academy of Art, Chicago) and to Giada Damen (The Morgan Library & Museum) to support travel to the annual meeting of the Sixteenth Century Society & Conference (SCSC) in Bruges, Belgium.

SPRING 2016 IAS NEWSLETTER: The latest IAS newsletter has just been published. View it here.

BECOME AN IAS MENTOR. The Emerging Scholars Committee (ESC) invites all mid-career and senior society members to share their expertise with our early-career members. All potential mentors and mentees should take our survey to start the process. Contact Antje Gamble, ESC Chair, with any questions.

NEW BOOK SERIES: Amsterdam University Press is pleased to announce the launch of Visual and Material Culture, 1300-1700, a series edited by Allison Levy that fosters cross-cultural as well as multi-disciplinary exploration. The series is currently considering proposals from across the spectrum of analytic approaches and methodologies. For more information, or to submit a proposal, please contact Erika Gaffney, Senior Acquisitions Editor. More information.

IAS CONFERENCES AT A GLANCE. Whether you are making travel plans or trying to decide where you would like to send an abstract, you can now see all IAS sponsored sessions in an easy to navigate chart on our Conferences at a Glance page.  Visit our Conferences & Lectures page for a listing of upcoming conferences on Italian topics.

WHAT’S NEW IN ITALIAN STUDIES? Visit our Member Publications page to see recent titles on Italian Art and Architecture. Have a new publication to share? Current members should send information about recent books and articles for inclusion on our Member Publications page. More information.

DISSERTATION LISTS. The College Art Association has published the authors and titles of doctoral dissertations in art history and visual studies—both completed and in progress—from American and Canadian institutions for calendar year 2013. The IAS lists recently completed and ongoing dissertations on Italian topics from all periods.  We encourage students and emerging scholars, and their advisors, to check our lists for accuracy and to submit updates for dissertations begun or completed in 2014 and 2015. More information.

WEBSITE UPDATES. Receive e-mail updates when new items are posted to our website.  To register, please click the Follow Button at the bottom right of this page. Any questions should be directed to the webmaster.

SUPPORT THE IAS: Tax-deductible, charitable contributions support the IAS annual operations, including travel grants and a lecture series. You can also support the IAS by starting your Amazon shopping through any of the links found on the site. All purchases begun from one of our website links returns at least 4% to the IAS at no extra cost to you. A simple and easy way to support IAS programming and grants. More information.

RESEARCH & RESOURCES PAGE. Our resources page contains information of use to our membership, including listings of research institutions in Italy, recent member publications, recently completed dissertations, and dissertations in progress. More information.

ASHGATE DISCOUNT. A 20% discount is available to all IAS members through the Ashgate partnership program. For discount code, please contact the webmaster.

IAS  BULLETIN BOARD SERVICE: An on-line bulletin board is available for your notices and postings, which should be sent to the webmaster.

IAS CALENDAR: The IAS maintains a calendar of IAS and related events and deadlines, found under About the IAS.

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