IAS Conferences At a Glance

These tables provide a quick view of all IAS-sponsored sessions in past and future cycles. More information can be found on each individual conference page by clicking the relevant link. Tables can be sorted by clicking on the desired heading.

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Current Conferences

A list of upcoming conferences with IAS-sponsored sessions. Click on column heading to sort.
ConferenceLocationDateSessionsDue DateSession Titles
RSAChicago30 March-1 April 20174ClosedAltarpieces on the Move: Religious Art Redeployed in Early Modern Italy

Eternal Painting? The Meaning and Materiality of Copper Supports

Lying in State: The Effigy in Early Modern Italian Funerary Art ca. 1400–1600

Trecento Art Beyond Italy I
26-28 March 2015
3ClosedMore than Mere Playthings: The Minor Arts of Italy I and II

Unattended Figures: Revisiting Figuration in Postwar Italian Art, 1946-1980
14-17 May 2015
3ClosedCivic Foundation Legends in Italian Art I-III

I: Rome and the City-Republics

II: The Southern Kingdom

III: Roundtable Discussion
26-28 March 2015
5ClosedThe Absent Image in Italian Renaissance Art

Italians Look at Germans

Vittoria Colonna and Michelangelo: A Broader Vision

Reception, Reuse, and Repurposing in Italian Renaissance Art I and II
15-19 April 2015
0ClosedThe IAS will not sponsor any sessions at SAH 2015
22-25 October 2015
15 March 2015
April 2015

Future Conferences

A list of future conferences with IAS-sponsored sessions
ConferenceLocationDatesSessionsProposals DueAbstracts Due
12-15 May 2016
15 April 2015
31 March - 3 April 2016
15 April 2015
CAAWashington, DC2016/02/03-06
3-6 February 2016
6-10 April 2016
30 March - 1 April 2017
15 April 2016
1 December 2015
1 February 2016

Past Conferences

A list of past conferences with IAS-sponsored sessions. Click on the column heading to sort.
AAIS 2013Eugene2013/04/11-14
11-14 April 2013
Interdisciplinary Approaches to Italian Art and Architecture I & II

Rome and Romanitas: The Eternal City through the Ages

Getting the Boot: Perspectives on Italian Art and Architecture from Antiquity to Today I & II
CAA 2013New York2013/02/13-16
13-16 February 2013
Bad Boys, Hussies, and Villains

CAA 2012Los Angeles2012/02/23-25
23-25 February 2012
Territory and Border: Geographic Considerations of Italian Art and Architecture

Urbanism in Italy: From the Roman City to the Modern Age
CAA 2011New York2011/02/10-12
10-12 February 2011
Claiming Authorship: Artists, Patrons, and Strategies of Self-promotion in Medieval and Early Modern Italy I & II

Artists’ Biographies from Antiquity to the Present
CAA 2010Chicago2010/02/11-13
11-13 February 2010
“I Primi Lumi”: Studies in Italian Renaissance Art in Memory of Andrew T. Ladis

Caravaggio at Four Hundred and Beyond
ICMS 2013Kalamazoo2013/05/9-12
9-12 May 2013
Ruptures in Medieval Italian Art and Architecture I-IV:
I. Ruptures in Historiography
II. Ruptures in Architecture
III-IV. Ruptures in Forms I & II
ICMS 2012Kalamazoo2012/05/10-13
10-13 May 2012
Italian Art and the Confluence of Cultures I-IV:
I. Early Medieval Art in Italy
II. “Latin” and “Greek” Visual Cultures in the Italian Peninsula
III. The Art of Islands and Islets
IV. Cross-Cultural Exchanges Within and Beyond the Peninsula
ICMS 2011Kalamazoo2011/05/12-15
12-15 May 2011
The Study of the Art and Architecture of Italy: A Reassessment of the Discipline:
I. Seminal Figures
II. Geographic Limits
III. In Praise of Ambiguity
IV. Urbanism
ICMS 2010Kalamazoo2010/05/13-16
13-16 May 2010
Foreign Saints in Italy, Italian Saints Abroad
I. Sites of Veneration: Spurring New Devotion
II. Moveable Icons, Moveable Cults
III. Novel Narratives, Narrative Novelties
RSA 2013San Diego2013/04/4-6
4-6 April 2013
The Physicality of Devotion in Late Medieval and Early Modern Italy I & II

Situating Patterns of Patronage in the Italian Renaissance City

Collections and Objects of Knowledge: Books, Gardens, and Studioli
RSA 2012Washington2012/03/22-24
22-24 March 2012
Public Art and Contested Spaces in Early Modern Italy I-III:
I. Sacred and Communal Spaces: Pisa, Siena, and Venice
II. Princely and Papal Power: Genoa, Lombardy, and Rome
III. Machinations of Power in the Republic, Duchy and Beyond: Florence.

The Appeal of Sculpture in Renaissance Italy: Collecting, Patronage, Style, and the Role of Touch
RSA 2011Montreal2011/03/24-26
24-26 March 2011
Rome Revitalized
RSA 2010Venice2010/04/8-10
8-10 April 2010
Giovanni Bellini I & IV
I. Toward 2016: Critical Assessment and Examination of an Early Source
II. Bellini and the Venetian Portrait
IIi-IV. Bellini’s Christian Pictures: An Art “More Human and More Divine” I & II
SAH 2013Buffalo2013/04/10-14
10-14 April 2013
Perception and Experience in the Italian Garden, 1500-1750
SCSC 2011Fort Worth2011/10/27-30
27-30 October 2011
Moving Images: Journeys in Form and Medium
SCSC 2013San Juan2013/10/24-27
24-27 October 2013
Pope Julius II (1503-1513): The Arts in Rome 500 Years after his Death
CAA 2014Chicago2014/02/12-15
12-15 February 2014
Periodization Anxiety in Italian Art: Renaissance, Baroque, or Early Modern?

“Futuro Anteriore”: Cultural Self-Appropriation as Catalyst in the Art of Italy
RSA 2014New York2014/03/27-29
27-29 March 2014
Painted Objects: Furniture Ornament and the Arts in Renaissance Italy

Italian Sculpture, a Social History: the Practice of the Craft from Nicola Pisano to Michelangelo

On “Naturalism” in Early Modern Italian Art

Stillness in Early Modern Italian Art

Blood: Representation, Materiality and Agency in Italian Renaissance Art
ICMS 2014Kalamazoo2014/05/08-11
8-11 May 2014
Medieval Art and Architecture in Southern Italy
I. Multiethnic and multi-religious environment

II. Mobility and materiality

III. Learning, production and exchange in schools, monasteries and courts
AAIS 2014Zurich2014/05/23-25
23-25 May 2014
Maestri ticinesi, magistri grigioni: Swiss-Italian Architects and Craftsmen in Early Modern Europe, I and II

Photography and Power, I and II

Photography and Writing: from Illustrated Novels to Weekly Magazines, I and II
SCSC 2014New Orleans2014/10/16-19
16-19 October 2014
Broken Bodies: Representing Pain in Early Modern Visual Art

Artistic Competition, Collaboration, and Exchange: Early Modern Academies of Art in Central Italy
CAA 2015New York2015/02/11-14
11-14 February 2015
Di politica: Intersections of Italian Art and Politics since WWII