IAS at the Society of Architectural Historians (SAH)

Current Conference

The Italian Art Society will sponsor the panel Rethinking Medieval Rome: Architecture and Urbanism at the Society of Architectural Historians 2017 Annual International Conference, scheduled to take place 9 June 2017 in Glasgow, Scotland. Conference information and registration at www.sah.org.

Session Overview

In the past decade the medieval humanities have opened up new perspectives on the past by focusing on questions of materiality, agency, temporality, spatiality, cross-cultural interaction, and ecocriticism. These new approaches, many of which are informed by interdisciplinary research and contemporary cultural interests in the natural and built world, are fundamentally reshaping how we conceive of and study medieval architecture and urbanism. This panel will examine how new methodologies and theoretically informed approaches are changing our understanding of the architecture and urban forms of Rome from the end of the Gothic War (ca. 554) to the re-establishment of the papacy under Pope Martin V (ca. 1420). The city of Rome has long occupied a particular place in scholarly narratives as the seat of the papacy, as a destination for pilgrims, and as a mythical symbol of past grandeur and decline. Historians of Rome’s medieval architecture and urban fabric have traditionally focused on such issues as the distinctively retrospective character of the city’s basilicas, the relationship between architecture and liturgy, the reuse of ancient materials, the topographical distinctions between the city’s inhabited and uninhabited regions, or the polemical character of Rome’s baronial tower houses. This session inquires into the current status of medieval Rome, both within the field of architectural history and in relation to the broader discourses of the medieval humanities.

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For more information, please email programs@italianartsociety.org

Upcoming Conferences

The IAS is seeking ideas for one sponsored session at the 71st annual conference of the Society of Architectural Historians (SAH) in Saint Paul, Minnesota, 18-22 April 2018. Members interested in putting together a panel on any topic of Italian architecture should send a brief abstract (500 words max), session title, a short list of potential or desired speakers (they need not be confirmed), the name of the chair(s) with email addresses and affiliation, and a one-page CV. Submit by 1 December 2016 to programs@italianartsociety.org.

Travel Grants
Presenters at SAH may be eligible for an IAS Travel Grant. Graduate students and scholars within six years of receipt of the PhD who do not hold a tenured position may apply, even if the paper is not presented in an IAS-sponsored session. Deadline 1 November.

Past IAS Sessions at SAH

69th Annual Conference, Pasadena, 2016
68th Annual Conference, Chicago, 2015
67th Annual Conference, Austin, 2014
66th Annual Conference, Buffalo, 2013

The IAS has been affiliated with the Society of Architectural Historians (SAH) since 2011, which brings opportunities for scholarly panels and presentations and other benefits for the IAS members.