Archivio di Stato di Roma

by Jean Marie Carey on April 27, 2012

Complesso di Sant’Ivo alla Sapienza
Corso del Rinascimento 40
00186 Rome
T) +39 06 6819081

Resources offered:
The Archivio di Stato has both an archive and a library, which have extensive collections of volumes and historical documents relating to Rome and Lazio.

Reproduction services/policies: 
You may request reproductions or photograph materials with your own camera for a small per-page fee.

Terms of Access: 
Readers are expected to be pursuing a specific research project which they must briefly describe to the archive’s administrative officials. A letter of introduction is not required, just a photo ID.

Closing dates: 
As with all Roman research institutions, the Archivio di Stato is closed during the middle part of August. For specific dates, please consult the website’s summertime updates or contact the Archivio directly.

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