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Membership dues support the activities of the Italian Art Society, including communications, meetings, sponsored conference sessions, receptions, lectures, and travel and research grants. More information.

IAS membership for 2013 is $30 for general members and $20 for students.
The IAS operates on a calendar year beginning January 1.

To join the IAS for the first time, please complete the online member sign-up form. If your name has an apostrophe or accent marks, please enter it without them. Upon submission, you will be taken to a PayPal link. Please ensure that the email address you use with PayPal is one of the email addresses listed on your profile. Should you prefer to pay by check, you may ignore this link and send your check to the Italian Art Society at the address below. Please note that if you pay by check, there will be a lag time between when you register and when your name appears on the membership roster. New member information typically appears at the first of each month.  If you would like confirmation as to whether your information has been received, please contact the webmaster. To confirm receipt of payment, please contact the treasurer.

Please log in to your member account to review and update your membership information. Once your information is correct, please click the renewal link inside your membership area to be taken to PayPal. Please ensure that the email address you use with PayPal is one of the email addresses listed on your profile. If you do not remember your username or password, please contact the webmaster.

Should you wish to make an additional tax-deductible contribution, please click here.  All amounts contributed beyond your Standard or Student Dues are tax deductible.

Any member preferring to pay dues or make contributions by check in US dollars to the Italian Art Society may do so c/o:
Dr. Alison Perchuk
California State University, Channel Islands
Madera Hall 2414
One University Drive
Camarillo CA 93012 USA

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If you are currently a member and would like to view or update your information, please click here.

If you have questions about the status of your membership, please email the IAS treasurer.

Thank you for your support of the Italian Art Society!

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