NameAffiliationResearch Interests
Alyssa AbrahamAssistant professor
St. Francis Xavier University
Altarpieces, confraternities, collecting, sacre rappresentazioni, Modena
Alessandra Acocella
Roberta AglioBiblioteca del Seminario Vescovile di Cremona
Diane AhlRothkopf Professor of Art History
Lafayette College
Quattrocento painting in Italy, confraternity studies
Guendalina Ajello MahlerVisiting scholar
UCLA Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies
Architecture and urbanism 1200-1600, festive ephemera
Michael AmyProfessor of Art History
Rochester Institute of Technology
Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque art and architecture, and Contemporary art and architecture
Jaiya AnkaPhD Candidate
The University of Victoria
Early Modern Italy; Portraiture; Textiles and Dress; Spaces of Women; Cultural Encounters
Craig AnzSouthern Illinois University Carbondale
Eric ApfelstadtDirector, Center for Global Initiatives
Mount Saint Mary's University, Los Angeles
15th-16th C. art and architecture
Louise ArizzoliInstructional Assistant Professor of Art History
University of Mississippi
Renaissance Art 19th century 20th century
Gail Aronowindependent art historianSiena Cathedral, its decoration and administration under the Operaio del Duomo in the '400; '400 Sculpture; Jacopo della Quercia; paleography
Kathleen ArthurProf. Emer/ Assoc. Curator, Medieval/ Renaissance Art, Madison Art Collection
James Madison University
14th/15th century Women's art and patronage; Florentine and Northern Italian art, confraternities.
Niall AtkinsonAssistant Professor
University of Chicago
late medieval and early Renaissance architecture and urbanism urban communicative and information networks sound and architecture travel writing and urban disorientation
Matthew AverettAssociate Professor of Art History
Creighton University
Italian Renaissance and Baroque Art and Architecture; Urban development of Rome; Gian Lorenzo Bernini.
Irene BackusAssistant Professor
Oklahoma State University
Renaissance Art, Medici Porcelain, International Trade, History of Science
Selena Bagnara MilanArchitect
University IUAV of Venice and University of Nova Gorica
Palladian Architecture; Historic Preservation; World Heritage Studies.
Meryl BaileyAssistant Professor
Mills College
Medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque art; confraternities
Jill BainUniversity of the Fraser ValleyMedieval/Renaissance visual culture
Carol BarbourIndependent ScholarEarly modern art. Pictorial cycles in print and painting. Cultural exchange between Italy and Northern Europe. Emblem books and visual sources used by artists.
Hilary BarkerGraduate Student
University of Chicago
Bernadine BarnesWake Forest UniversityMichelangelo, prints, Vittoria Colonna, art and audience
Cristelle BaskinsAssociate Professor
Tufts University
Global Renaissance, Italy and N. Africa, Art of Travel, Print Culture
Margaret BellUC Santa BarbaraEarly Modern Italian Art and Architecture
George BentProfessor of Art History
Washington and Lee University
Anything that has to do with Roger Crum.
Katherine BentzAssociate Professor of Art History
Saint Anselm College
Sixteenth-Century Rome; Gardens and Villas; Urbanism and Architecture; History of Collecting
Ilaria BernocchiPhD Candidate
University of Cambridge
Italian Heroic Portraiture in the Sixteenth Century
Tenley BickAssistant Professor of Global Contemporary Art (August 2018–)
Florida State University, Department of Art History
Art and politics in postwar Italy (special focus on 1960s Turin); modern and contemporary Italian art; Italian colonialism; Futurism in and out of Italy
David BoffaVisiting Assistant Professor
Beloit College
Claudia BolgiaLecturer
University of Edinburgh
Italian medieval and early Renaissance art and architecture, in particular Rome as both a place and an idea; the art and architecture of the Mendicant Orders; icons and relics.
Heather BougherOhio University14th-15th c Italian Renaissance
Angi BourgeoisProfessor and Head
Mississippi State University
Quattrocento Rome, Devotional Art, Confraternities, the Dominican Order as patrons of art, the Dominican Observant Reform, Santa Francesca Romana, Religious Orders and the arts
Rachel BoydColumbia University
Benjamin BraudeProf.
Boston College
Michelangelo, Renaissance art
Irene BrookeColnaghi Foundation
Charles BuchananOhio UniversityEarly Middle Ages Early Christianity manuscript illumination
Allyson Burgess Williams San Diego State UniversityRenaissance Ferrara, material culture, gender issues, portraiture
Licia ButtaDr.
Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Tarragona
Medieval Art, Culture History of Dance, Visual Culture
Sarah CadaginProfessor of Art History
Savannah College of Art and Design
Esperanca CamaraAssociate Professor of Art History
University of Saint Francis
Renaissance and Baroque Art; confraternities; cult of rosary
Nicola (Nick) CamerlenghiMedieval architecture, Rome, domes, digital humanities
Erin CampbellAssociate Professor, Acting Chair
University of Victoria
Early Modern Domestic Interior
Francesco CapitumminoNorman Southern Italy; Medieval Sculpture; Liturgical Furnishing; Norman Architecture; Cistercian Architecture
Sandra CardarelliHonorary Research Fellow
University of Aberdeen, UK
Late Medieval and Renaissance art in Siena and Florence and their contadi. Confraternities, patronage and representation of saints.
Jean Marie CareyThe representation of animals in art, Byzantium, Roman Egypt, Futurism, contemporary art.
Raymond CarlsonColumbia UniversityRenaissance Art and Literature
Danielle CarrabinoAssociate Research Curator of European Art
Harvard Art Museums
16th- and 17th-c. Italian and Spanish art and culture; Caravaggio; Sicily
Jill CarringtonProfessor of Art History
Stephen F. Austin State University
Italian Renaissance sculpture [Venice, Veneto, Tuscany]; reconstruction of the Renaissance choir enclosure at the Basilica of St. Anthony in Padua.
Jill CaskeyUniv of Torontomedieval art and architecture, southern Italy and Sicily
Andrew CasperAssociate Professor
Miami University
Rossella CatanesePhD - Adjunct Professor
Sapienza University of Rome - Lorenzo de' Medici Institute (Florence branch of University of North Carolina)
Film Studies, Avant-garde, Futurism, Digital Humanities, Digital Restoration, Film Restoration, Italian Cinema and Italian Society.
Lynn CattersonSupply and the Marketplace: '400 and late '800; sculpture workshop practice; Donatello; Stefano Bardini
Bradley CavalloMarian University
Center for Italian Modern Art
Samantha ChangUniversity of TorontoRenaissance and Baroque art history Music and art in society Music in the painter’s studio
Kathleen ChristianLecturer
Open University
Ioanna ChristoforakiDr
Academy of Athens
Jasmine CloudAssistant Professor
University of Central MO
Late Renaissance art, Early Baroque art, urbanism, architecture, historical consciousness
Steven CodyAssistant Professor of Art History
Indiana University - Purdue University Fort Wayne (IPFW)
Lucia ColombariPhD Student
University of Virginia
Joseph ConnorsHarvard UniversityRenaissance and Baroque architecture
Tracy CooperProfessor
Temple University
Italian art and history generally, Venetian visual culture, patronage, architecture, urbanism, networks and agency
Sally CornelisonProfessor & Director, Florence Graduate Program in Italian Renaissance Art
Syracuse University
Art, relic cults, and ritual in late medieval and Renaissance Florence. Giorgio Vasari's religious paintings
Rebecca CorriePhillips Professor of Art and Visual Culture
Bates College
13th- and 14th-c. painting, 13th- and 14th-c. manuscript illustration, relationship between Italian, crusader, and Byzantine art, relationship between art and Economics
Denise CostanzoAssistant Professor of Architecture
The Pennsylvania State University
Alexis Culotta
Eleanor D'AponteAssociate Professor
Norwich University
Sharon DaleProfessor of Art History
Penn State Erie, The Behrend College
A specialist in Italian Renaissance art and Italian fourteenth century history, she has published numerous articles on iconography, hagiography, and papal diplomacy.
Rachel DanfordAssistant Professor
Marshall University
late antique and early medieval north Italy (Lombard, Carolingian)
Gerardo de SimoneProfessor of History of Art
Accademia di Belle Arti di Carrara
Anne DerbesProf. Emerita
Hood College
Late medieval Italian painting
Francesco Di TeodoroFull Professor
Politecnico di Torino
History of Architecture, History of Art, Renaissance
Dario DonettiPh.D. Arch.
Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florenz/Columbia University
Douglas DowAssociate Professor
Kansas State University
16th-century art and architecture; confraternities; professional networks and patronage; Counter-Reformation
Caroline DubinskySimmons CollegeItalian Renaissance printmaking; early 16th century Sienese art; mining and metallurgy; intersections between art and technology; academic, rare books, and special collections librarianship; archival work
Martha DunkelmanProfessor Emerita
Canisius College
Italian Renaissance sculpture
Adrian DuranAssociate Professor
University of Nebraska-Omaha
Twentieth-century Italian painting and sculpture. Post-Napoleonic Venetian painting.
Tracy EhrlichRenaissance and Baroque architectural and landscape history
Yvonne EletAssociate Professor
Vassar College
Raphael's Villa Madama in Rome; Medici patronage; villas and villeggiatura in early modern Italy; early modern stucco
Janis ElliottAssociate Professor
Texas Tech University
Art of the 13th and 14th centuries; Angevin Naples
Gillian ElliottAdjunct Professor
Corcoran School of Art and Design at George Washington University
Medieval Italian art Italian Romanesque sculpture
Felicia ElseAssociate Professor
Gettysburg College
Ammannati's Neptune Fountain; Water, Art and Politics in Medici Granducal Florence
Ashley ElstonAssistant Professor
Berea College
Judson EmerickProfessor of Art History emeritus
Pomona College
Late Antique and aarly medieval art in the Euro-Mediterranean world
Mario ErasmoProfessor of Classics
University of Georgia
Legacy of Classical Antiquity
Michelle Erhardt Associate Professor
Christopher Newport University
Trecento Florence, Franciscan Art, St. Mary Magdalen
Lisandra EstevezAssistant Professor of Art History
Winston-Salem State University
Neapolitan and Spanish early modern art and architecture; transatlantic history; history of collecting; history of the print
Jordan FamularoPhD Candidate
Institute of Fine Arts, New York University
Sophia FarmerPh.D. Candidate/Research Fellow
University of Wisconsin-Madison/The Center for Italian Modern Art
Bethany FarrellPhD Candidate
Tyler School of Art, Temple University
Renaissance Florence, digital humanities, art production in the sixteenth century
Cristiana FilippiniProfessor
University of California, Rome Study Center; Trinity College, Rome
Medieval art, Medieval Roman painting, Seventeenth-century Roman art, Women and Art
Allison FisherRaphael and his workshop; Classical Tradition; Decorative Arts in late Gothic and Renaissance Europe
Theresa FlaniganAssociate Professor
The College of Saint Rose
Italian Medieval and Renaissance Art, Architecture, and Urbanism
Cathleen FleckAssociate Professor
Saint Louis University
Medieval and Mediterranean art, with special focus on southern Italy and France; Holy Land and Crusader art, with special focus on representations of Jerusalem; Islamic art
Alison FlemingAssociate Professor of Art History
Winston-Salem State University
Trecento Riminese painting Cinquecento architecture Early Jesuit art, in particular imagery connected to St. Ignatius of Loyola and St. Francis Xavier
Daria FonerDoctoral candidate
Columbia University
Renaissance art and visual culture; 20th-century collecting of Renaissance art
Jessie Fontana-MaiselCuratorial Intern
Norton Simon Museum
Cinquecento Italian Renaissance Gardens, sculpture, architecture, painting. Intersections of art and nature.
Francesco Fratta de TomasUniversità degli studi di Udine
Hannah FriedmanVisiting Assistant Professor
University of Colorado, Boulder
Rome, Naples, international exchange, Spain/Italy relations, painting, graphic arts, art theory, connoisseurship, court culture
Antje GambleAssistant Professor
Murray State University
20th century Italian art, Contemporary Art
Evan GattiAssociate Professor
Elon University
"Ottonian" Art in North Italy, Wall Painting, Liturgical Manuscripts
Ludovico GeymonatPhD
Louisiana State University
Medieval Art
Meredith GillProfessor and Chair
University of Maryland, College Park
15th and 16th-century art and architecture; theology; philosophy; church history.
Diana GisolfiProfessor of Art History, Director, Pratt in Venice
Pratt Institute
Cinquecento veneto painting and drawing, Catholic Reform context, methodology, materials and techniques
Dorothy GlassProf. Emerita
University at Buffalo
Italian Romanesque sculpture
Heather GrahamAssistant Professor
California State University, Long Beach
Italian Renaissance art, religious history, gender studies, history of the body, history of the emotions
Anne GreeleyAssistant Professor
Indiana Wesleyan University
Ingrid GreenfieldPostdoctoral Fellow
Villa I Tatti, The Harvard University Center for Italian Renaissance Studies
Histories of acquisition and display of sub-Saharan African arts in early modern Italy; history of the early slave trade with Africa; networks of exchange; the mobility of objects
Jennifer GriffithsAdjunct Faculty
The American University of Rome
Modern Italy, Visual avant-gardes, Culture of Ventennio, Futurism, Critical Gender Studies, Art and Politics under Fascism
Michael GrilloAssociate Professor
University of Maine
Max GrossmanAssociate Professor of Art History
The University of Texas at El Paso
Medieval and Renaissance Italian architecture and urbanism, Siena
Darrelyn GunzburgDr
The University of Wales Trinity Saint David
My academic interests lie in the art historical and visual astronomical exploration of frescos and sculpture in medieval Italy (1250-1480), as well as medieval Italian building alignments.
Hilary HaakensonAssistant Professor
Cal Poly Pomona
Renaissance Art, Cosmography, Cultural Geography, Cartography, Mediterranean Studies,
Morten HansenFull-Time Lecturer
University of Washington
15th- to 17th-c. painting and sculpture
Maria HansenUniversity of CopenhagenEarly Christian, Medieval and Early Modern art and architecture
Katerina HarrisInstitute of Fine Arts, New York University
Andree HayumProfessor Emerita
Fordham University
Renaissance painting.Drawing. Historiography of Renaissance. Idea of Renaissance in the Age of the Museum. Special exhibitions accompanying development of museum as institution.
Sharon HeckerDr.
Modern and Contemporary Italian Art Medardo Rosso, Lucio Fontana, Luciano Fabro, Arte Povera, ottocento sculpture, transnational Italian art
Martina HesserSan Diego Mesa College
Wendy HildebrandStudent
University of Sydney Australia
Medieval and early renaissance Italien art
Diana HillerItalian art 14th and 15th centuries; gendered viewership; art in Italian female religious houses; blood iconography
Amanda HilliamThe National Gallery / Oxford Brookes
Alexandra HoareLecturer in Early Modern Art
University of Bristol
-seventeenth-century Italian art -biography, autobiography, portraiture and self-portraiture -issues of identity -professional autonomy
Michelle HobartAdjunct Assistant Professor
The Cooper Union
Beth HolmanRenaissance
Rebecca HowardLecturer of Early Modern Art History
University of Tennessee, Knoxville
portraiture, memory, mnemonics, identity
Samantha Hughes-JohnsonEarly Career Researcher
History of Art, the global Renaissance Confraternity Studies, the Tudor court, the Classics, material culture and women’s history.
Eric HupePhD Student
University of Virginia
Cross-cultural exchange, World Art, early modern material culture, Italian Renaissance Art and Architecture, Michelangelo
Ann HuppertAssociate Professor
University of Washington
Renaissance and Baroque architecture and art, drawings, Rome, Siena
Krisztina IlkoUniversity of CambridgeMedieval Italian art
Janna IsraelRenaissance and baroque art and architecture
Laura JacobusBirkbeck College, University of LondonAspects of late-medieval and early renaissance Italian art
Sara JamesProfessor Emerita of Art History
Mary Baldwin University
14,15 century Italian Renaissance art, Italian fresco cycles, English art
Geraldine JohnsonProfessor
Oxford University
Gilbert Jonestrecento painting, early-quattrocento painting, Siena, intersection of art and politcs in trecento Siena; Venetian convent culture; iconography of the Virgin; processions and movement in late-medieval/Early Modern Italian cities
Hetty JoyceAssistant Professor
The College of New Jersey
Classical, Italian Renaissance and Baroque, the Classical tradition, art and gender
Lev KapitaikinTel Aviv University Art History DepartmentMedieval Art of Italy; Medieval Sicily Islamic Art in Italy
Stephanie KaplanPhD Candidate
Washington University in St. Louis
Paul KaplanProfessor of Art History
Purchase College, SUNY
political iconography, race, Venetian painting, 19C Italy and American art
Elizabeth Kassler-TaubCase Western Reserve University
Dana KatzJoshua C. Taylor Professor of Art History and Humanities
Reed College
Joy KensethProfessor
Dartmouth College
16th and 17th century Italian painting and sculpture; history of museums and collecting; patronage
Allison Kim
Dale KinneyProfessor Emeritus
Bryn Mawr College
medieval Rome , late antiquity, spolia
Susan KlaiberRenaissance and Baroque architecture
Johannes KnoopsAssoc. Prof.
Fashion Institute of Technology / SUNY
art, architecture, urbanism, Aldus Manutius
Clare Kobasa
Linda KochProfessor
John Carroll University
Caroline KonczThe Ohio State University
Sarah KozlowskiLate medieval and Renaissance art in Europe
Pavla LangerM.A.
University of Bonn / Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florence (affiliated)
Tomb Sculpture Art of the Abruzzi Franciscan Iconography Renaissance Sculpture Devotional Art
Claudia LazzaroProfessor
Cornell University
Renaissance, 16th century Florence, cultural identity, gender, sculpture, portraits, gardens
Anne LeaderPhD Art History
Independent Scholar
burial practice, Republican Florence; quattrocento art and architecture
Marika LeinoDr
Oxford Brookes University
Sculpture, portraiture, collecting
Stephanie LeoneAssociate Professor
Boston College
David Lerner
William LevinProfessor Emeritus of Art History
Centre College
Early Italian Painting and Sculpture, Religious Iconography, Confraternities of Charity, Imagery & Literature of Charity/Mercy, Images of the Virtues and Vices, Florentine Ecclesiastical Center
Allison LevyDigital Scholarship Editor
Brown University
Palazzo Rucellai, Villa Ambrogiana, animals, gender and sexuality, memory and mourning
Estelle LingoUniversity of Washington, Seattle
Kinga Lipinskapainting, architecture, poetry, sculpture, literature and ecclesial and decorative arts
Elizabeth Lisot-NelsonAssistant Professor of Art History
University of Texas at Tyler
Fifteenth- and sixteenth- century artists & patrons in Florence, Urbino & Rome, foundling hospitals, confraternities, Federico Barocci, Ghirlandaio, Medici & Tornabuoni commissions, images of slaves, servants and illegitimate children
Alexandra LisPlanellsItalian Catholic Renaissance art; Florentine Medici Patronage; Papal Patronage
Jesse LockerAssociate Professor
Portland State University
Jane LongProfessor
Roanoke College
Italian Renaissance (primarily Trecento Tuscany)
Ellen LongsworthProfessor
Merrimack college
Livia LupiLeverhulme Trust Early Career Fellow
History of Art Department, University of Warwick
Medieval and Renaissance art and architecture, in particular the representation of architecture in other media; art as visual rhetoric; space and place.
Kent LydeckerRetired Director
Museum of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg, Fl
Jessica MaierAssociate Professor
Mt. Holyoke College
Renaissance Art, History of Cartography, print culture, Rome
Elizabeth ManginiAssociate Professor, Chair of Visual Studies
California College of the Arts
Postwar Italian and European art, international contemporary art
Francesco MarcorinPhD
IUAV - Venice University of Architecture
Renaissance Italian Art and Architecture, history of collecting, late-Antique architecture, Renaissance and Classicism
Georgios MarkouPrinceton UniversityRenaissance Venice and Cyprus Giorgione
Max MarmorPresident
Samuel H. Kress Foundation
Leonardo da Vinci Studies
Louise MarshallUniversity of SydneyRenaissance plague imagery plague intercessors: Sts Sebastian, Roch, Nicholas of Tolentino, Virgin Mary
Aja MartinPhD Student
Rice University
Italian Modernism, History and Theory of Film
Anna MascorellaPh.D. Candidate
Cornell University
History of architecture and urbanism
Karen MathewsResearch Assistant Professor
University of Miami
medieval Art and Architecture art of the maritime republics of Pisa, Venice, Amalfi, Genoa
Maria MaurerAssistant Professor
The University of Tulsa
Renaissance Gender Studies
Brian MaxsonEast Tennessee State UniversityItalian history and culture, 1200-1650; late medieval Europe
Daniel MazeAssistant Professor
University Of Iowa
Renaissance Venice
Amber McAlisterAssistant Professor
University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg
14th/15th century Tuscany; monastic; fresco programs
Sophia McCabePh.D. Candidate
UC Santa Barbara
Cultural exchange and networks between Italy and Germany, 16th and 17th centuries
Timothy McCallAssociate Professor
Villanova University
Katherine McHaleUniversity of St AndrewsVenetian Renaissance, Settecento; Northern Italian 16th through 18th Century
Louisa McKenzie
Steven McMichaelPro.
University of Saint Thomas
medieval Franciscan studies, medieval sermons, interfaith relations, medieval art
Jonathan MekindaAssistant Professor, Art History
University of Illinois at Chicago
19th and 20th century Italian architecture and design
Ara MerjianAsst. Professor
New York University
Italian and French historical avant-gardes; Nietzschean philosophy and modernism; post-war Italian art and politics
Julia MillerProfessor
California State University, Long Beach
Adelina ModestiLa Trobe Universityearly modern art and culture, women's cultural production, female patronage
Constance MoffattProfessor
LA Pierce College
Milanese art and history; Renaissance art and architecture; Leonardo and sculpture; Leonardo and architecture and urban planning; Vigevano; the Sforza family
Emily MontyGraduate Student
Brown University
Artistic practice in 16th-century Rome Academies of Art Printmaking and publishing Artistic relations between Spain and Italy
Derek MooreSkidmore, Owings & Merrillarchitecture and urbanism
Melissa Moreton
Anita MoskowitzProfessor Emerita
Stony Brook University
Italian medieval and Renaissance sculpture; 19th-century sculpture; forgeries; 19th-century art market; Stefano Bardini
Gregory MostChief, Department of Image Collections
National Gallery of Art
16th century Rome, patronage, 19th century photography
Peta MottureSenior Curator of Sculpture
Victoria and Albert Museum
Italian Renaissance art and culture, specialising in sculpture.
Anne MuraokaAssociate Professor of Art History
Old Dominion University
Italian Renaissance art, Italian Baroque art, Counter Reformation art and theory
Diana MurphyMarist College, University of Florence
Jacqueline MusacchioProfessor
Wellesley College
Renaissance domestic arts; Bianca Cappello; American women in nineteenth-century Italy
Megan NeelyUniversity of GeorgiaGreco-Roman mythology, Venice, Painting, Renaissance, Mannerism
Jonathan NelsonFaculty Associate
Syracuse University in Florence
patronage, Michelangelo, Botticelli, Filippino, Berenson, disease in art
Charlotte NicholsAssociate Prof of Art History
Seton Hall University
Kirstin NoreenProfessor and Chair
Loyola Marymount University
Medieval art, icons, Counter-Reformation Rome
Ashley OffillUniversity of Kansas
nancy ogdenwhite gate filmsrenn art/Florence
Steven OstrowProfessor
University of Minnesota
Early Modern visual culture [particularly Roman], Baroque sculpture, 17th c. Italian art theory, artists' biographies
John PaolettiProfessor, History of Art, Emeritus
Wesleyan University
Italian Renaissance Sculpture; Medici patronage of the arts in the fifteenth century
Alison PerchukAssociate Professor
California State University, Channel Islands
Medieval art and architecture (Europe/Mediterranean Basin), monasticism, wall painting, architectural sculpture, the city of Rome, Elijah the Prophet
Maud Perez-SimonDr
Université Sorbonne Nouvelle - Paris 3
Text Image in Medieval Art manuscripts painted ceilings Alexander the Great medieval literature
Elizabeth Petersen
Kerri PfisterAssociate Photoarchivist
The Frick Collection/Frick Art Reference Library
15th-c. Sculpture, Workshop Practices, and Collecting
Francesca PietropaoloIndependent scholar
Post-war and contemporary Italian art
Debra PincusIndependent Scholar
Renaissance Venice
Doralynn PinesAssociate Director for Administration (retired)
The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Italian painting,sculpture and architecture 1250-1500;
Diana PresciuttiSenior Lecturer
University of Essex
late medieval/ early modern Italian visual culture; visual hagiography; charitable institutions; confraternities; gender studies
Angela Puglisi Ph.D (DR)
Educator. Professiorial Lecturer. Artist
Italian art history Language Fine art Painting Sculpture Architecture
Gary RadkeProfessor Emeritus of Art History
Syracuse University
Renaissance sculpture; patronage of Renaissance nuns
Lisa RafanelliProfessor
Manhattanville College
15th c painting & sculpture 16th c painting & sculpture religious iconography women's studies, Italian Baroque art and architecture
Adrian RandolphNorthwestern University
Lisa ReillyAssociate Professor
University of Virginia
Medieval Italy - Norman Sicily in particular
Sheryl ReissIndependent Scholar
Italian Renaissance art and art patronage; Raphael; women and gender; Medici family; papal Rome; transalpine exchange; funerary art and commemoration
Madeline RislowAssistant Professor of Art History
Missouri Western State University
Sean RobertsAssistant Professor
Virginia Commonwealth University, Qatar
Mark RosenAssociate Professor
Edith O'Donnell Institute of Art History, The University of Texas at Dallas
Cartography; Medicean Florence; Venice; Monuments
Rebecca RupparUniversity of Missouri Columbia12th-14th Century Panel Painting Franciscan art Hagiography East-West relations
Linda SafranResearch Fellow
Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies
medieval Salento, Italian Jewry, Byzantine art, opus sectile
Patrizia SardinaProfessor
University of Palermo
Medieval history Gender history Monastic studies Urban studies
Irina Schmiedel
Lindsey SchreiberDoctoral Student
Temple University
Italian Renaissance Art and Architecture, Medici Family, Early Modern Florence
Christine SciaccaAssociate Curator
The Walters Art Museum
manuscript illumination, trecento Florentine painting , devotional practice, patronage
John Beldon ScottProfessor
University of Iowa
Hannah SegraveUniversity of Delaware
Vera SegreMedieval Art Early Renaissance Art Iconography and Iconology Manuscript Illustration
Lindsay SheedyPhD Candidate
Washington University in St. Louis
Renaissance and Baroque Painting and Sculpture
Leah ShermanFlorida State University20th century Italy; museum studies; Futurism; Postwar Italian art
Patrick Siconolfi
Elizabeth SimmonsUniversity of DelawareItalian Renaissance and Baroque Art, Old Master drawings and prints
Robert SimonArt Historian / Art Dealer
Robert Simon Fine Art, Inc.
Bronzino, 16th-century Florentine Painting, Leonardo, portraiture
Elizabeth SmithAssociate Professor of Art History
The Pennsylvania State University
Medieval art and architecture in Western Europe
Danny SmithDoctoral Candidate
Stanford University
Late medieval art and architecture.
Tamara SmithersAssistant Professor of Art History
Austin Peay State University
Michelangelo, Italian Renaissance Art, Early Modern Rome, tombs of artists, the cult of the artist
Edna SouthardCurator of Collections and Exhibitions Emerita
Miami University (Ohio)
Trecento and Quattrocento painting and sculpture in Tuscany especially Siena
Joaneath SpicerCurator of Renaissance and Baroque Art
Walters Art Museum
15th c uses of perspective; Africans in Renaissance Italy; portraiture; art and science
Ambra SpinelliUniversity of Southern California, Art History DepartmentAncient Roman Art and Archaeology; Classical Studies; Iconography and Iconology
Judith SteinhoffAssociate Professor
University of Houston
13th & 14th century painting; Siena; art as politics, Black Death issues; gender roles and representations of grieving behavior
Cynthia StollhansProfessor of Art History
Saint Louis University
Italian Renaissance art; sixteenth century painting, St. Catherine in Renaissance Roman Art, Courtesans and Mistresses as Patrons in Ren Rome
Kristen StreahleKunsthistorisches Institut in Florenz-MPIMy interests include the interaction of architecture, politics, and religion in southern Italy, especially within the Kingdom of Sicily; the cultural and artistic exchange of that region within a larger medieval Mediterranean context; medieval Arabic lite
Megan SullivanUniversity of North TexasRenaissance, Baroque, Mannerism
Mark SummersPh.D. Candidate
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Medieval Art and Architecture, History of Science, Cultural Exchange, Reliquaries and the Cult of the Saints
Victoria SurliugaAssociate Professor of Italian
Texas Tech University
Modern and Contemporary Art
Robin ThomasAssociate Professor of Art History
The Pennsylvania State University
Baroque Art and Architecture, Eighteenth Century Art and Architecture, Architectural History, Baroque Opera and Theater
Nancy ThompsonProfessor of Art History
St. Olaf College
Franciscan art, stained glass, medieval revival, feminism.
Summer TrentinAssistant Professor
Metropolitan State University of Denver
Ancient Rome; Pompeii; domestic architecture; Renaissance and Baroque Italy
Anna Tuck-ScalaJohn Cabot University; Temple University, Rome CampusSeicento Naples, Rome, Spain, painting, archives
Catherine Turrill LupiProfessor Emerita
Calif. State University, Sacramento
Italian Renaissance art history
Antonio Urquizar-HerreraAssociate Professor
UNED (Spain)
Early Modern Art in the Mediterranean
Maria del Mar VallsPhD
Universitat Rovira i Virgili
Charlene VellaUniversity of MaltaAntonello da Messina and Eastern Sicilian painting The Gagini family of sculptors Renaissance painting and sculpture Venetian Renaissance art Central Mediterranean art and architecture Late Medieval and Renaissance art
Patricia WaddyProfessor Emerita
Syracuse University
17th c Roman architecture
Wouter WagemakersUniversiteit van AmsterdamItalian renaissance, art, architecture, social history, political history
Liv WalbergAssistant Professor
Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania
Itaian Renaissance and Baroque Vual Culture, Interactions between Early Modern Venice and the Ottoman Empire, Miraculous Images
William WallaceBarbara Murphy Bryant Distinguished Professor of Art History
Washington University in St. Louis
Italian Renaissance Art and Architecture
Alexis Wang
Genevieve WarwickProfessor
University of Edinburgh
Renaissance and Baroque art and architecture
Laura WattsDaemen CollegeOttocento Art and Literature
Jennifer WebbAssociate Professor
University of Minnesota Duluth
Fifteenth-century court culture in Urbino and the Marche Urban planning Female patronage International Gothic
Margo WeitzmanRutgers University Italian Renaissance art history; quattrocento and cinquecento painting; viewer engagement and phenomenology
Matthew WhyteUniversity College Cork
Sarah WilkinsVisiting Assistant Professor
Pratt Institute
Late Medieval and Renaissance painting, Mary Magdalen, cult of the saints, Angevin Naples, patronage of the Mendicant orders, text and image
Joseph WilliamsPhD Student
Duke University
Architecture in South Italy and the Mediterranean, 11th-13th centuries
Carolyn WilsonIndependent Scholar, HoustonCult and imagery of St. Joseph, especially the St. Joseph altarpiece c. 1500-1545; altarpieces of Giovanni Bellini; historiographic impact of the modern use of anachronistic titles
Barbara WischProfessor Emerita
SUNY Cortland
confraternities, anti-Semitism in Renaissance visual culture, art in Renaissance Rome
Jeryldene WoodAssociate Professor Emerita
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Renaissance art, women in the visual arts
Kelli WoodUniversity of Michigan
Emily WoodNorthwestern University
Giuseppa ZanichelliProfessor
Universita degli studi di Salerno
Medieval art, illuminated manuscripts
Tommaso ZerbiPhD candidate
The University of Edinburgh
Neo-Medievalism, nineteenth-century architecture, Revivalism, visual arts in the Romantic Era, architectural historiography
Shelley ZurawAssociate Professor
University of Georgia
Renaissance sculpture