The Italian Art Society’s Newsletter is published three times per year (February, May, and September). It includes updates and news from the organization, calls for papers for IAS-sponsored sessions, feature articles (such as reviews of recent books and exhibitions), exhibition listings, and short notices on all aspects of Italian art. Submission deadlines are 1 January for Winter Newsletter; 1 April for Spring Newsletter; and 1 August for Fall Newsletter. We encourage all members to contribute for news or reviews to be included in the newsletter should be directed to Alison Fleming, newsletter editor.

Click here for the Winter 2017 Newsletter.

Table of Contents:

President’s Message from Sheryl E. Reiss
IAS News: Post It: Reconsidering the Post Modern in Italian Art and Performance since 1965” Study Days Held at CIMA, by Alison C. Fleming
IAS Events: Past and Future, by Gilbert Jones
Special Features: The New Museo degli Innocenti, Florence, by Diana Bullen Presciutti
Festschrift Symposium Held in Honor of Dr. Brian A. Curran, by Katherine M. Bentz
Exhibition Review: Artemisia Gentileschi e il suo tempo, by Alison C. Fleming
Winter/Spring 2017 Exhibitions
News and Notes
Member Publications
IAS Membership and Donations
Newsletter Contributions and Notices
IAS Officers and Executive Committee Members

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For copies of issues from 1988 through 2002, please contact Alison Fleming, Newsletter Editor.