Officers & Committees

For general information on the organization of the IAS, please see our bylaws. Click on any officer’s name to contact by email.

Board of Directors

President Sean Roberts (2019) is a specialist in the visual culture of early modern Europe, and his research is especially concerned with the interactions between Italy and the Islamic world and with the place of prints in the histories of art and technology. He is the author of Printing a Mediterranean World: Florence, Constantinople, and the Renaissance of Geography (2013) and is the co-editor of Visual Cultures of Secrecy in Early Modern Europe (2013). He is currently researching an exploration of skullduggery and malfeasance among the earliest engravers tentatively titled Sabotage! Rivalry, Technology, and the Making of Renaissance Prints.

Executive Vice President Mark Rosen (2019) specializes in the relationship between art and cartography in early modern Europe, in particular the extra-geographical meaning of maps in Renaissance culture. He is the author of The Mapping of Power in Renaissance Italy: Painted Cartographic Cycles in Social and Intellectual Context (Cambridge, 2015) and essays published in The Art Bulletin, Source, the Mitteilungen des Kunsthistorischen Institutes in Florenz, and Nuncius, among others. His current project concerns the technological and visual rhetorics of the bird’s-eye view and seeing from above. He is Associate Professor of Aesthetic Studies at the University of Texas at Dallas, where he is also a member of the Edith O’Donnell Institute of Art History.

Vice President for Program Coordination Sarah Wilkins (2019) is a specialist in late medieval and early Renaissance art, whose research focuses on mendicant and Angevin patronage, and the veneration of Mary Magdalen. She has published articles on the visual cult of the Magdalen, including “Imaging the Angevin Patron Saint: Mary Magdalen in the Pipino Chapel in Naples” (2012). Dr. Wilkins is a founding member of the steering committee of the biennial Andrew Ladis Memorial Trecento Conference and the co-editor of the forthcoming inaugural volume of a new book series on the trecento (Trecento Forum). Tentatively titled Trecento Gumbo: Studies from the Andrew Ladis Memorial Conference in New Orleans, 2016, it will be published by Brepols in fall 2018. Her current project investigates the Magdalen Chapel in the Palazzo del Podestà in Florence, and the role played there by the Compagnia dei Neri. She is visiting assistant professor at Pratt Institute.

Secretary Angi Bourgeois (2018) is an Associate Professor at Mississippi State. She received her Ph.D from Emory University in 2003, specializing in Italian Renaissance Art and Medieval Stained Glass. Her research interests include devotional art, audience response, and the role of art in spiritual development among religious orders and lay groups, such as the Dominican Order of friars and the Confraternity of the Annunciation.  Though she is broadly interested in these themes, she has focused primarily on the early Roman Renaissance. Dr. Bourgeois published her book, Reconstructing the Lost Frescoes of Santa Maria sopra Minerva in Rome from the Meditationes of Cardinal Juan de Torquemada, in April of 2009.


Awards Committee. Chair Christian Kleinbub (2020) leads the committee that awards grants to graduate students, recent PhDs, and international scholars to support presentations on Italian art at any conference where the IAS is sponsoring a session (CAA, ICMS/Kalamazoo, RSA, SCSC, and SAH). Members: Max Grossman (2020), Jessica Maier (2019), and Marin Sullivan (2020).

Emerging Scholars Committee (ESC). Chair Antje Gamble (2019) oversees the committee charged with creating opportunities and resources for graduate students and emerging scholars and managing the Google Group, a forum for announcements and conversations of interest to junior scholars. Members: Tenley Bick (2020), Jennifer Griffiths (2019), Wouter Wagemakers (2019), and Kelli Wood (2019).

Membership, Outreach, & Development CommitteeChair Adrian Duran (2018) oversees the committee charged with growing and diversifying our membership and visibility in keeping with our mission to foster the study and appreciation of Italian art from prehistory to the present. Members: Katherine T. Brown (2020), Ioanna Cristoforaki (2020), Cristiana Filippini (2018), and Summer Trentin (2020). The Executive Vice President, Treasurer & Membership Coordinator, and Events Coordinator serve as ex-officio members of this committee.

Program Committee. The Program Committee shepherds IAS conference sessions from inception to completion. Vice President for Program Coordination Sarah Wilkins (2019) and the committee members accept conference session ideas year round. Members: Valerie Palazzolo (2021), Silvia Bottinelli (2020), Diana Gisolfi (2019), and Rebekah Perry (2020).

Communications Team

Publications Coordinator (2018) and Newsletter Editor Alison Fleming welcomes submissions to the IAS newsletter, published three times annually.

Social Media Coordinator Charlotte Arvidson (2020) manages the IAS presence on FaceBook, Twitter, and Please follow us on these sites!

Webmaster Jean Marie Carey (2019) looks forward to your comments on the IAS website.

IASblog Editor Alexis Culotta welcomes your submissions to the IASblog.

Further information on the responsibilities of the officers and committees may be found in the IAS By-Laws. Please consult the Vacancies page to see what opportunities are available for service to the IAS.