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We welcome your feedback and suggestions! All officers have an IAS e-mail address that consists of a word related to their office [at]  To prevent spam, we use links throughout the site, and also in the sidebar at the left, which should open your e-mail client with the relevant email address(es) in the To: line.  If you do not wish to use that e-mail client, simply cut and paste the address into your preferred e-mail program. Or, you can change your default-email program for Windows; for Mac OSXfor Gmail; for Outlook.

If you have any difficulty reaching one of our officers, please contact the Webmaster. Any failure notices, MAILER-DAEMON, etc. should be sent to the Webmaster. Please note that certain e-mail addresses (especially Yahoo!, AOL, and libero) sometimes get caught in our spam filters. Should you encounter this problem, please contact the webmaster using the secure form below.

Please note that while the IAS is happy to answer your questions concerning Italian art, we cannot provide appraisals and may not offer monetary valuations.

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